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The company provides highly professional real estate services for the purchase. sale and lease of real estate, guaranteeing the client maximum efficiency and safety of his operation.

The client contacted our agency with a new landing page, for which no new traffic has yet been triggered. Initially there were no goals set up in Google Analytics, so we had to make adjustments and measure the conversion rate of the site. It should be noted that our agency usually works with advertising campaigns in several stages:

  • All the necessary settings are made for

  • correct data collection

  • Reconciliation of ad texts and keywords

  • Launch and optimization of RC


  • Increase of amount of traffic

  • Attracting target audience to the site

  • Maximum number of conversions

The main challenges we faced were:


Initially we focused on a search campaign. All keywords were clustered and divided into 4 groups of ads in one company for convenience, in order to track the effectiveness, click-through rates and conversion rates of those keywords. In the process we identified which keywords are getting more conversions and where they are cheaper, so 2 of the 4 groups we have completely turned off. Before the start we also carefully processed the list of minus words, because we had a limit on the region of the show - the city of Kharkiv. Here it is worth noting that in the locations was necessary to specify for the target people who are or often visit the selected region, as well as to exclude the names of all Ukrainian cities.

Unfortunately, the only conversions we tracked were the requests left through a form on the site. The client did not have call-tracking installed, so we could not record 30% of the leads that came in under the guise of phone calls, according to the client.

Also, after gathering the audience of site visitors we launched a remarketing campaign. In terms of the number of transactions at the moment, the first place is taken by the search campaign. In second place is the CMC (remarketing). Data from the Client's myAlpari and Google Analytics after one month of promotion:

From the practice of launching a campaign, the following insights can be highlighted:

It was very important to work through the list of minus words in the beginning, because if a person has recently been in Kiev, but googled queries such as "real estate agency Zhytomyr" - he could get our ads. And this is certainly plum of the budget and non-targeted applications.

through our cooperation, we were able to stop advertising in time, when the site found technical problems, so that saved the budget and did not spoil the conversion rate.

Advertising costs:

15,030 UAH


In six months of work we





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