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The company is engaged in passenger transportation, providing drivers with an easy and easy-to-use application.

The service works in many cities of Ukraine, namely: Zhitomir, Kharkov, Krivoy Rog, Dnipro, Zaporozhye and others.

The client made the following request: to analyze the existing advertising campaigns for 6 months, launched by the previous contractor, and to understand whether it is possible to increase traffic to the site, thereby increasing the number of conversions.

It should be noted that conversions for this client were considered:

  • Pressing the dialing button in the mobile version

  • Clicking on the button to go/download a mobile app from Play Market

Call-tracking was not connected to this client, so it is difficult to analyze the effectiveness of advertising.

Initially, the client ran ad campaigns in separate cities with a common budget and a "Targeted number of impressions" strategy, which did not give the ad algorithm the opportunity to learn and optimize.

In addition, only one keyword was added to each separate group of ads, which technically should have increased the CTR, but in practice worsened the process of analyzing the ad campaigns.


We analyzed a list of real requests from users, from which it became clear that:

- The lion's share of the advertising budget was spent on requests for competitors' names (brands) by broad match,

- A lot of keywords in the advertising cabinet were specified with the broad match modifier, which will be no longer supported by the tool in July 2021.

In this regard, all the keywords with the broad match modifier had to be moved to another type. On the basis of this analysis, our first task was to gather a new list of minus words by competitors.

Further, we found that the difference between the CTR on mobile and desktop was 15.05% and 7.78% for March from 01.03 to 28.04.

Because of this, the overall ad CTR, which affects the final cost per click, is calculated as an arithmetic average and degrades the understanding of ad quality for the system.

The following changes were made in the client's advertising cabinet:

  • New advertising campaigns were created with traffic differentiation on mobile devices. Because of the limited budget we decided to try to advertise exclusively on mobile devices, because this way we could record conversions and have a better understanding of the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns.

  • we assembled and added a new list of minus words to each campaign.

  • we created new adaptive ads.

  • we created separate campaigns for morning and afternoon ads, as these campaigns required different rates and budgets.


As a result of the work we saw that the cost per click has become lower, the cost per conversion has decreased, and the number of conversions has increased by 2 times per account:

We also more than doubled the ad traffic to landing pages by freeing up the budget that went to untargeted clicks, as well as by separating the morning and afternoon traffic and changing the bidding strategy.





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