Clothing Brand

Promotion of Ukrainian clothing brand with targeted advertising

Ukrainian brand, which produces youth clothes for walking around the city and traveling, and also deals with b2b direction - corporate orders for companies. Among its clients are moneyveo, patriot, uklon,, intertop, nova pochta, nasha rowba, intergal budu and others.


The main task is to increase the number of corporate orders through targeted advertising.


  • The client wanted to emphasize the b2b direction. Before we started, we analyzed the advertising cabinet and audited the site.

  • Developed effective creatives.

  • Launched advertising campaigns for lead generation and the website.

  • In the first month we tested different creatives and audiences, leaving only the most effective. Because of this with each subsequent month the cost of the application decreased.

  • During the period of work from March 1 to May 31 we launched 11 groups of ads and 12 ads, all with the aim of initiating an order.


Spent: $1,19





Стоимость 1 лида, $