Promoting a cosmetologist with targeted advertising

The client is a private cosmetology office in Kiev, which specializes in professional skin care. Among the services are:

- cleansing

- peelings

- carboxytherapy

- mesotherapy

- biorevitalization

- 5-in-1 complexes


Advertisements from the previous agency were often blocked, creatives were not approved for promotion due to the specifics of the niche that Facebook regulates. The agency was charging for downtime for ads that were not generating revenue. The leads received from advertising were expensive and not profitable for the client.

Our task was to set up competent advertising and develop good creatives in order to avoid blocking the advertising office and get the maximum number of leads at a low price.


At the preparatory stage, we analyzed competitors, created a business manager and an advertising cabinet.

We also developed good creatives for ads that

did not subsequently lead to the blocking of the ad office.

The ads led users to the lead form under

specific procedures.


For the period of work from April 1 to May 31 we received





Стоимость 1 лида, $